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Filling a prescription has never been easier! 

Filed under: Blog,Monthly Newsletter - 03 Aug 2023

We know that life can be very busy and that waiting at the pharmacy is the last thing you may have time to do. Of course, we are always happy to see you in person when you come …

Heat-Related Illness: The Difference Between Heatstroke and Heat Exhaustion

Filed under: Blog - 03 Jul 2023

Heat exhaustion and heatstroke are types of heat-related illnesses. The spectrum of heat-related illnesses includes heat rash, heat cramps, heat exhaustion, and heatstroke.

Warning Signs

Sweating is your body’s way of cooling …

How to Protect your Health from Wildfire Smoke 

Filed under: Blog - 06 Jun 2023

Wildfires are becoming more frequent and more severe as the climate changes, resulting in poorer quality air that can last for weeks or more. This can result in short-term health effects and longer lasting health effects. Exposure to …

Women’s Health: Hormone Replacement Therapy

Filed under: Blog - 03 May 2023

What you should know about Hormone Replacement Therapy

When menstruation stops, menopause begins. Before this there is a transition often referred to as peri-menopause. During this transition and life stage, certain hormone levels decrease, setting …

Get ready to pack your bags… International travel is back!

Filed under: Blog - 27 Mar 2023

Bon Voyage! After a lengthy season of feeling cooped up, many people have started travelling to long-awaited (or delayed) destinations. Before you leave, make sure you are ready for your trip. Preparation is crucial to have peace of …

Behind the Pharmacy Counter

Filed under: Blog - 02 Mar 2023

What do we do behind the counter all day? A closer look into your prescriptions for Pharmacy Appreciation Month.

March is Pharmacy appreciation month. The profession of pharmacy has faced …

Let’s have a heart-to-heart, it’s time to talk about heart health.

Filed under: Blog - 05 Feb 2023

Did you know February is Heart Month? And we’re not just talking about Valentine’s Day. Heart month advocates better heart health for all. It’s a tall order for the shortest month of the year. Where do we start …

How Can I Make My New Year Successful?

Filed under: Blog,Goal Setting,Monthly Newsletter - 09 Jan 2023

A new year always brings opportunities for change, growth, and something new. Whatever you are deciding to do year let’s talk about how we can make it successful for your goals and resolutions.

Our …

Dealing with Uncertainty around the Holidays.

Filed under: Blog - 12 Dec 2022

Around the holiday season and over the past couple of years in general, dealing with the stress of uncertainty isn’t anything new to us. It is however, something we should talk about especially this season. 

Remember the flu? Yep it’s that time of year again. 

Filed under: Blog - 04 Oct 2022

It is surprising how quickly fall creeps up on us. Maybe “creeps” isn’t the right word. One day we’re floating down the bow river and the next day we have our warmer coats on, commenting on how the …

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