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Get ready to pack your bags… International travel is back!

Filed under: Blog - 27 Mar 2023

Bon Voyage! After a lengthy season of feeling cooped up, many people have started travelling to long-awaited (or delayed) destinations. Before you leave, make sure you are ready for your trip. Preparation is crucial to have peace of …

Dealing with Uncertainty around the Holidays.

Filed under: Blog - 12 Dec 2022

Around the holiday season and over the past couple of years in general, dealing with the stress of uncertainty isn’t anything new to us. It is however, something we should talk about especially this season. 

Staying Healthy While You Travel

Filed under: Monthly Newsletter - 10 Aug 2016

Summer is not quite done yet and upcoming vacations are still upon us! Or maybe you’re already getting started on planning your winter getaway (it’s never to early right?). Whatever you may be planning, and wherever you may …

Pain Management – How a Balanced Lifestyle Helps!

Filed under: Medical Info - 15 Jun 2015

Chronic pain can have a severe impact on daily life, and those who deal with it know how many different remedies they’ve tried to tamper their pain. It can quickly become very tiring to try a new strategy every few …

Accu-Pak Blister Packaging

Filed under: Medical Info - 10 Jun 2015

Is your growing list of medications becoming difficult to manage? Are you forgetting to take certain important medications because you have too many pill bottles to keep track of? If so, you should know that there is a relatively simple …

What is Mental Health?

Filed under: Medical Info - 04 May 2015

As an organization, we are committed to raising money for the Canadian Mental Health Association. We believe that mental health patients, in general, don’t receive the quality and quantity of care that they desperately deserve….

Tips for Handling Allergy Season

Filed under: Medical Info - 21 Apr 2015

As winter winds down and spring is rapidly approaching, allergy season is right around the corner. If you’ve regularly suffered from spring allergy symptoms year after year, now’s the time to find out how to prevent and subdue your symptoms …

Asthma in Children

Filed under: Medical Info - 07 Apr 2015

Determining whether or not your child will suffer from asthma is usually apparent by the time your child is five years of age. For parents who are fearful of their child having asthma, it can be difficult to read any …

Saliva Testing and Hormone Therapy

Filed under: Medical Info - 23 Mar 2015

Good health and a high quality of life require a careful, committed balance of exercise, nutrition, vitamins, and targeted medications that work to support and maintain your healthy lifestyle. As a community resource, we are here to help you find …

Medical Home

Filed under: Medical Info - 10 Mar 2015

If you’re like many Calgary residents, it’s important to know that you have reliable, professional medical resources at your disposal. If your individual health is at all important to you, then you should also be concerned about the overall health …

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