International Travel & Your Health

Traveling Outside of Canada? We can help get you prepared!

Traveling is a way for us to discover the world, experience new cultures, or just enjoy some much needed rest and relaxation.  Whether you are planning a family vacation in Mexico, an adventurous safari in Kenya, or visiting friends and relatives in Asia, it is important to understand the potential travel health risks and what preventative measures can be taken to ensure the health and safety of you and your family while traveling.  Of the many millions of residents who travel each year, between 20-70% will report a travel related illness.  A travel consultation with one of our pharmacists can help prepare you and your family for a successful and healthy trip.

During the travel consultation we will look at the traveler’s anticipated itinerary in order to determine the required and recommended vaccinations specific to each individual traveler.  The appropriate vaccinations are administered during the appointment and the patient is also provided with a prescription for any additional medication that is determined to be necessary.  Our travel health expert will also provide the traveler with education on the prevention and treatment of other travel-related diseases.

Meeting with our travel health pharmacists will ensure that you are provided with up-to-date and current information about the potential travel-related health risks around the world, and also with the most current vaccination and treatment guidelines for travel related illness.

Appointments are scheduled as one hour sessions and can be done as an individual ($50), couple or family ($125). Whenever possible, appointments should be booked 4-6 weeks prior to travel. 


  • One-Stop for your Consultation, Prescription, Vaccine Administration and medication needs.
  • Our pharmacy maintains an ongoing supply of the most commonly required vaccinations and medications required for travel health.
  •  We are a designated Yellow Fever Vaccination facility.
  • We carry additional travel supplies and can advise you on traveling with your medications, and what you should take to be prepared..

Interested in booking a travel consultation? Call us at (403)455-9939 to schedule an appointment today!

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