Accu-Pak Blister Packaging

Keeping track of multiple medications can be difficult.

We understand that sometimes, it might be uncertain if you took your medications when you were supposed to. Young or old, if you are on three or more medications, Accu-Pak is an option for you.

Accu-Pak stands for “accurate packaging”. It allows us to replace your pill bottles with convenient “bubble” cards. This way, your medications are dispensed into the correct day of the week and time of day: morning, noon, supper, and bedtime. Accu-Pak makes it easier to keep track if you have taken your medication when intended.
We can also help you start with dosette packaging. Dosettes are re-usable plastic pill dispensers with easy open compartments, allowing us to fill your medications according to when you take them. We will work with you to find the best solution to fit your needs and whichever option you will prefer.

Bubbles2_small1-1020x1024Allowing us to package your medications for you ensures there are no missed doses, and any changes to your medications can easily be made. You can be certain you are getting the correct dose. We do all the work for you, helping you to establish a regular ordering routine so you are picking up your prescriptions weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly.

At the Medicine Shoppe Crowfoot, we offer this service at no extra cost to you. We can even place your over-the-counter medications and vitamins in the packs so you have everything in one spot.

Book an appointment with us, or come in store to get started with Accu-Pak or dosette packaging today.

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