How Can I Make My New Year Successful?

A new year always brings opportunities for change, growth, and something new. Whatever you are deciding to do year let’s talk about how we can make it successful for your goals and resolutions.

Our favourite tips for success to ring in a successful new year.

  • SMART Goals: Has always been our favourite technique when discussing lifestyle changes and general health and well-being with our patients. When creating a goal for yourself make sure it is Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound. These ideas can speak for themselves, but if you want to delve into it more take a look at this article. When setting goals for the year, it is great to be ambitious. However, it is also important to avoid setting goals that will be impossible to achieve. Sometimes it is best to focus on small steps towards your goal that are achievable. How can you make the change in the easiest way possible? SMART goals help to focus on what we can achieve.
  • Take time to understand yourself: you can’t create change or break a habit if you don’t understand WHY you’re sticking to old ones.  If you are finding it hard to create change, take time to think it through. Sometimes a bad habit actually plays an important role in your life. What role is that bad habit playing and how can you change this to a more positive habit? You can boost your success if you figure out what aspects you like about engaging in unhealthy behaviours. For a brief example, if you are trying to quit smoking but you realize you like taking a break to have a smoke, then take the break but find a healthier way of doing it like taking a walk instead. Learn your WHY to figure out your HOW. 
  • Keep track: how will you know how far you’ve come if you haven’t kept track? Journals, special apps, taking pictures or checking in with a friend or mentor. These are all ways we can keep track of where we started, where we are, and where we are going! Sometimes it is hard to see the changes in your health day-to-day but over time these changes will become apparent. Also consider measuring habits or behaviours vs. the results of these. If you are consistent with your intended habits, you will eventually see the intended results. There are plenty of productivity tools to help you achieve your goals. Try out a few to see which one you like best and don’t feel like you are forcing yourself into it. Not everyone is going to be a fan of journaling, so find something fun that works for you. This should add value to you, and not feel like a chore!

While using these tips can certainly help you create goals that will be important to you, it can’t hurt to ask for assistance in creating these goals that you’ll be able to attain. Our personal pharmacists are here to help you set goals for 2023 and create a successful new year with you. Please contact us to book an appointment and we can assist you with your health goals.

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