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crowfoot-bracesSporting an injury? Looking to prevent future ones? At The Medicine Shoppe Crowfoot, we carry a range of braces and supports for whatever your needs may be. Head, shoulders, knees and toes, we’ll help you select the proper support you need and fit it accordingly.
We provide ankle, wrist, tennis elbow, and other braces from Med Spec and Ortho Connection, which provide optimal quality and comfort.

We also carry a line of Aircastwalking boots. Acting as a replacement for a permanent cast, Aircasts immobilize your foot to provide support and mobility while healing. They include an integrated inflation system allowing for an individualized fit. The rocker sole mimics the way you naturally walk, enhancing mobility. Aircasts provide comfort and protection while your injury heals.
Ideal for foot and ankle injuries such as:

Please visit us in store and one of our trained staff will help select and fit your brace.
Looking for something specific? Ask us today, we’ll let you know if we have it or order it just for you!

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