Your Personalized Skin Care Solution is Here!

When it comes to your skin care routine, one size does not fit all. Skin health is very important and can affect many areas of our lives. Poor skin quality can cause itchiness, irritation and scarring (physically and mentally!). As your personal Pharmacists, we know this is an area of health where we can help you and your family.

We are happy to introduce our customized and personalized skin care service, developed with your needs in mind.

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How is it different?

There are many customized products available online with a simple questionnaire to fill out. But is this really what “personalized” means? We meet with patients one-on-one, provide a full face analysis, look at your skin and your problem areas, and then recommend a skin care plan for you. You don’t get more personal than getting up close to your face!

A one-on-one consultation with our skin health consultant includes a full assessment of your skin and 3D surface rendering using our Skin Health Analyzer. Our analyzer measures 8 different skin characteristics: sebum & moisture levels, texture, collagen, sensitivity, pores, and pigmentation. From there, our skin health consultant will recommend the right products and regime to suit your needs and address your own skin concerns. If needed, our pharmacists are available to prescribe compounded creams or other medication to address skin issues. A follow-up appointment is also booked to allow us to track the progression of your skin. This way we can see how it will improve with a proper skin care regimen.

This service is tailored to suit the needs of everyone regardless of skin type or concerns. It is particularly great for people with dry/dull skin, acne, rosacea, anti-aging, or those undergoing skin procedures. As your body’s largest organ the care and maintenance of our skin should be a top priority.

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Our Personalized Products

Blend & Boost: the only product you need for your skin! Blend and Boost products are completely customizable to ensure your skin gets exactly what it needs. Recommended by dermatologists and skin care professionals as the best new solution for your skin. Blend and Boost formulates all of your skin concerns into one product made specifically for you.

Chorus: Not into the synthetic stuff? Us neither! Chorus Supernatural is a completely 100% natural line of skincare products using local Canadian sustainable resources. This line of spa quality products is derived from naturally occurring plants and resources in beautiful British Columbia.

Bottle of Skin Care Products

Prescribing Pharmacists: Is your current skin health a serious concern for you? During your consultation our prescribing pharmacists can assess and prescribe any topical or oral medication within their scope. Stop waiting for long referrals times. Let your personal pharmacists help you get the skin you want now!

Curious about our new skin care service? Book your appointment for our Launch Day on Thursday, March 7 and get $50 OFF a Blend and Boost product!

OR win your way to better skin! Stop into the store between now and March 7 to enter for your chance to win a FREE skin care consultation with and 3 months follow up PLUS a custom made Blend and Boost product! Winner will be announced on Thursday, March 7 2019.

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