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As September quickly approaches its time to get our skin looking its best. If your summer was anything like ours, it was filled with bug spray, sunscreen, and maybe a sunburn (oops!). After the past couple of summer months, our skin is probably due for a little TLC! Unhealthy skin affects the way we see ourselves. Long term skin damage can cause both physical scars and mental scars. How many of us remember having “pizza face” in our teens? We have been there too and we can help you get the healthy skin you deserve. 

As pharmacists, we have seen it all, the good, the bad, and the…pimply?! Luckily, we know that getting help for your skin is not as difficult as it used to be. There are treatments, routines, and education that can help improve skin health and appearance. Instead of waiting forever to get into a specialist, let’s jump start your way to healthier skin with a personalized skincare solution. A consultation with our pharmacist, paired with our in-depth skin analyzer tool, will help us determine what your skin needs for a fresh-looking face! We carry a lineup of topical skin products that are tried and true. If your skin needs a little bit more care and attention, our pharmacists are able to provide advice and suggest over-the-counter treatments or prescribe topical or oral medication treatments depending on the type and severity of acne.

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How it all works:

Your consultation with our pharmacist or skin health consultant includes a full assessment of your skin and 3D surface rendering using our Skin Health Analyzer. Our analyzer measures 8 different skin characteristics: sebum & moisture levels, texture, collagen, sensitivity, pores, and pigmentation. Taking a deeper look at your skin can be quite intimidating, but it is the best way to determine what your skin is missing in order to treat it properly.

From here, we will help recommend the right products and regime to suit your needs and address your own skin concerns. If needed, our pharmacists are available to prescribe compounded creams or other medication to address more serious skin issues. A follow-up appointment is also booked to allow us to track the progression of your skin. This way we can see how it will improve with a proper skincare regimen.  

Our prescribing pharmacists:

Why wait to see a physician or dermatologist? Our prescribing pharmacists know that now is the time to get started on any prescription acne solutions. Your skin will be photo-ready for the first day of school! Schedule a consultation to see one of our pharmacists so they can assess and talk to you about a skincare solution that will work for you.

So if you yourself are wanting healthier-looking skin, or your child wants to look picture-perfect, speak with one of our staff members to book you in for a personalized skin consultation!

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