New Services at the Medicine Shoppe Crowfoot

We have some exciting services we have recently launched and wanted to give you the inside scoop! We hope these new services will be beneficial to your overall health and wellness. For any questions on any of these new services please speak with one of our Pharmacy Team members.

Time My Meds

Making multiple trips to the pharmacy to fill multiple medications isn’t the best use of your time. We understand and want to save your time! Time My Meds is our new service that allows us to help you sync your medication refills so that you can get everything at one pickup. It also times future refills, we will have everything filled and completed for you when you need it. The best thing is this service is at no-charge to you!

MyDNA Testing

A MyDNA test kit reveals how your body uniquely responds to medications. How does it work? Your unique genetic profile determines how your body processes certain medications. Some people process certain medications too quickly and receive little or no benefit. Others process them too slowly and have an increased risk of side effects. MyDNA medication reports can assist your doctor and pharmacist to personalize your treatment by selecting medications and doses that are best suited to your body. If you are interested in a MyDNA test kit please contact us to schedule an appointment.

Diem Premium Care App

Our Diem Premium Care App launched a couple months ago and we are really excited about it! This app is the first of its kind in that it allows you to view the medications you have on record with us, and refill them directly from your phone. The app also allows you to link other family members to your account (given with their permission of course) so you can refill their prescriptions as well! The app also lets you fill a brand-new prescription. Take a picture and send it in through the app to pick it up when it’s ready. This cuts down on the number of trips and wait times at the pharmacy. You can download the Diem Premium Care App through the app store or Google Play. We can register you on our system the next time you are in the pharmacy!

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