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Remember when traditional apothecaries were still around? Well, perhaps not. But once upon a time, when you were sick or needed something you would consult your local apothecary for your needs. They would assess your condition and then create a custom medication made specifically for you. Sounds nice doesn’t it? We believe personalized solutions shouldn’t be a thing of the past.

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Nowadays, advances in science allow us to pre-manufacture products instead of making them from scratch. However, there are instances where mass-produced products just don’t work for a given person (read more about our compounding services here). This is especially true when it comes to your skin and the products you use in your skin care routine.

Introducing Blend & Boost, custom skin care made specifically for you. Developed with the traditional apothecary’s in mind, Blend & Boost provides you with a unique solution for all of your skin care concerns. The key to optimal skin care is to understand what your skin needs, and tailor your solution to fit those needs. Instead of a different product for different concerns, Blend & Boost uses active cosmetic boosters, so all your solutions are built into one product, eliminating multi-step skin care routines.

The boosters address ten different skin concerns, each formula will contain the specific boosters your skin needs in one of five advanced cream bases. All blend and boost products are free of parabens, fragrances and gluten. With a Personalized Skin Care Consultation, we will analyze your skin to determine which boosters will be included in your specific formula.

Medicine Bottles and Beakers

During your one-on-one personal skin care consultation we will create your customized Blend & Boost formula. With our skin analyzer, we will analyze the current state of your skin and create your formula to tackle the issues most needed. After three months, we will follow up with you and compare your first analysis with your second so you can see the results. Plus, as your skin changes, so does your formula! With adaptable formulas, we can make sure your skin is constantly getting the care and attention it needs with the right formulation of boosters.

For more information about our personalized skin care service, check out our website here, and our latest blog post.

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