Ready for Spring Break Travel?

Heading away for spring break? Don’t spoil your vacation by getting sick!

Our pharmacists are your passport to health! We can help you be prepared for anything that might come your way!


Depending on where you are going, there may be recommended vaccines or medications to take with you to prevent or treat specific health problems. Travel with peace of mind! Our pharmacists have obtained their Injection Certification and Prescribing Authorization, so you can save a trip to your doctor and get everything you need at the Pharmacy. Your pharmacist will assess your previous vaccine history and current health, prescribe any vaccines needed, and administer them all in one appointment. Our pharmacists have a clear understanding of what vaccines and other precautions are needed such as Hepatitis A & B, typhoid fever, meningitis and much more. Immunizations may need time before they will be effective for you so make sure to plan ahead. If you are planning on heading out of the country, book your appointment today!

Medications for Travel:

You never know what will happen when you’re away. Stomach upset, a cold or an allergic reaction could happen when you are in an unfamiliar area. Finding advice or familiar medication can be difficult out of country, so make sure you bring over the counter medication that can help with any type of situation. Examples of travel essentials are Imodium or Pepto Bismol, Tylenol or Advil for pain, Band-Aids or a small first aid kit and an antihistamine such as Benadryl or Reactine. Also, remember to take enough of your own prescription medications and supplies such as contact lenses, diabetes supplies and inhalers that will last you through your trip (and maybe a few extra days in case of a delay). If you would like help planning a kit, or ensuring you have enough medications, ask one of our Pharmacists for help.

In Flight Essentials:

Staying healthy on the plane… really? There are a couple of things you can do to not only keep yourself healthy on your plane ride but make it more comfortable! For any plane journey over 4 hours we highly recommend wearing compression socks. Sitting in an airplane seat, your movement is limited, making the circulation of blood in your legs restricted. This can cause leg pain, swollen feet and ankles and, in some cases, lead to blood clots. Compression socks help to solve all of these issues by increasing the circulation in your legs. Making your legs less fatigued by the time your flight is over. Available in a variety of colours and patterns, your legs will truly thank you for the extra attention!

Be ready before you go! Take the necessary steps to protect you and your family before you head off to your destination! For other advice and tips on travelling for spring break make sure to speak with one of our Pharmacists.

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