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If you’re like many Calgary residents, it’s important to know that you have reliable, professional medical resources at your disposal. If your individual health is at all important to you, then you should also be concerned about the overall health of your community.

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Fortunately, Calgary is consistently ranked as one of the healthiest cities in Canada, and that is evidenced by the quality of health resources available to the community. At Medicine Shoppe Crowfoot, we are extremely proud to play our small role in promoting the overall health of the Calgary community.

Community Health is our #1 Priority

When we say that we are 100% focused on the health needs of our community that is much more than an empty promise. Our passion will always be for the overall health and happiness of our community, and we strive to be a comprehensive resource for all your medical needs.

We understand that our initiation in taking an active role in your health is important to each and every member of our community. For this reason, and others, we believe in the importance of keeping your informed about the latest health products, suggestions for making healthy lifestyle modifications, and options for various medication treatment plans.

At Medicine Shoppe Crowfoot, we are certainly focused on dispensing the medications our patients need, but we like to take our service a step further. That is why we also strive to provide a number of educational resources aimed at helping our customers prevent illness and promote general wellness in addition to healthy lifestyle choices.

A Well-Rounded Approach to Healthcare

In the age of prescription medications, we believe that it’s utterly imperative for pharmacists to educate their patients about the important side effects of and techniques for taking various medications. In our eyes, any prescription medication is only as good as the advice you receive from your pharmacist that helps you maximize the effectiveness of that medication.

Each and every one of our Calgary pharmacists are committed to exploring the full spectrum of their practice, including the provision of immunizations, medications, and individual consultations, as well as many other services that address the various health needs of our patients.

At Medicine Shoppe Crowfoot, we are also a recognized compounding pharmacy. This means we are capable of customizing compounded medications to fit your unique health demands. We highly value the ability to tailor customized health solutions for each and every one of our patients.

While many pharmacies exist solely to dispense your medications, we know that your pharmacist should be much more than a simply middleman. We will work hard to make sure that you have the medications you need and to follow up and make sure that those medications are actually working for you.

In the course of experimenting with different medications, many of our patients end up spending unnecessary money on meds that aren’t improving their condition or are actually contributing to their worsening health.

At Medicine Shoppe Crowfoot, we understand that the most expensive medication is the only that’s not actually working for you. We want to help you find solutions that are worth paying for. Please don’t hesitate to give our friendly, experienced pharmacists a call at 1-403-455-9939 today!

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