Custom Flavored Medications from Our Calgary Compounding Pharmacy

Most liquid medications available today have flavoring added to them.  Medication flavoring is meant to enhance a patient’s ability to take a medication.  Overly sweet flavors or bitter flavors can cause nausea.  This is particularly important for children.  If the medication tastes “yucky” then it is hard to convince a child to take their medication.  This can turn taking medication into a battle.

Unfortunately while many medications do have flavoring added they can still be “yucky” and not palatable.  This can happen due to not having enough flavoring or due to an individual’s aversion to a certain flavor.  Medications can even be made that don’t have flavoring or coloring added.  This is great for patients with sensitivities or allergies.

This is where Custom Meds Compounding comes into play at our Calgary compounding pharmacy.  The easiest way to customize medications is to add flavoring.  Compounding pharmacists have access to many flavor combinations which can enhance the taste of a medication to make it easier to swallow.  There are many flavor options available including: bubblegum, grape, watermelon, strawberry and even chocolate!  Some medications can even be made into capsules, lozenges or even gummy bears.

Flavoring can be added to almost any liquid medication.  These include prescription medications but also over-the-counter medications.  Letting a child pick their own flavor allows them to make it their own and can take the battle out of taking medications.  So whether you prefer a distinct flavor – or no flavor at all – compounded medication may benefit you.  Ask us today about Custom Meds Compounding!

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