Calgary Compounding Pharmacy – The Medicine Shoppe Crowfoot

Calgary Compounding Pharmacists know that today’s prescription drugs tend to be mass produced by Pharmaceutical Companies whose focus in on manufacturing drugs that suits the health needs of the masses – not the individual.  Pharmacists in Calgary, who provide compounding services, have the unique ability to address the individual prescription requirements of a patient who may have medication concerns including but not limited to:

  • Allergies to Dyes
  • Specific Dose Needs
  • Capsule Size Issues
  • Medications not Commercially Available
  • Discontinued Medications
  • Problems with Taste.

Imagine the Pharmaceutical needs of a 45 year old male compared to a newborn who both present with the same medical condition – a Compounding Pharmacy in Calgary is equipped to handle the customization of medications so that all complicating factors are taken in to consideration.

Compounding Pharmacy’s in Calgary  are lead by a Compounding Pharmacist who is trained in methods of mixing and preparing specialty medications – making them a valuable Professional, able to compose alternate dosages and mixes of drugs with a Physicians consent.  

The Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy in Crowfoot Calgary is a Compounding Pharmacy owned by experienced Compounding Pharmacist Randy Howden B.Sc. Pharm, CDE, whose goal is to focus on addressing patients unique medical requirements.  Skilled in the process of preparing and dispensing Pharmaceutical drugsPharmacists at The Medicine Shoppe in Crowfoot are able to provide the following drug customizations with Physicians direction.

  • Address Taste Concerns
  • Adapt Capsule or Tablet Size
  • Eliminate Allergy Issues
  • Handle Drug Sensitivities
  • Provide Custom Meds such as Bio-identical Hormones

This Calgary Compounding Pharmacy doesn’t just provide customization to capsule and tablet size but also provides adaptation to medications that are in gel, cream, liquid and suppository form.

The Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy in Crowfoot Calgary is a trusted and respected full-service Compounding Pharmacy that offers prescription adaptation to Calgarians who are in need of personalized medication care. With a team of Pharmacists and Pharmaceutical Assistants on hand to answer questions; drop-by this NW Calgary Pharmacy today and discover how this Calgary Pharmaceutical Team can assist you with all your prescription needs.

The Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy Crowfoot is located at # 11 – 600 Crowfoot Cres NW Calgary – 403.455.9939 Open Evenings and Saturdays 

Written by Randy Howden. Visit me on

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