Accu-Pak Blister Packaging

Is your growing list of medications becoming difficult to manage? Are you forgetting to take certain important medications because you have too many pill bottles to keep track of? If so, you should know that there is a relatively simple solution for organizing multiple medications into one easy-to-use package.

Accu-Pak Blister Packaging - Medicine Shoppe Crowfoot - Accu-Pak Calgary

If you’re struggling to cope with chronic pain on a daily basis, you’re probably open to any and all new medications your doctor suggests. Unfortunately, these constant experiments make keeping track of your medications much more difficult.

When medication is needed for pain management, make it easy! Keeping track of multiple pill bottles can be frustrating, and misplacing important medications can, of course, be quite dangerous. Having an unorganized collection of medications can also result in confusion of whether or not you’ve taken your prescribed daily amount.

Accu-Pak Advantages

If you’re juggling more than three medications, you should consider Accu-Pak. Accu-Pak is a simple replacement for your pill bottles. Instead, your pills are conveniently arranged in a “bubble” card that’s labeled to help you remember what to take at certain times of the day; morning, noon, supper, and before bed.

Accu-Pak can also show you which medications you may have forgotten, which will help you be sure you’re actually taking all the pills your doctor has prescribed. As your collection of medications becomes more extensive, keeping your medications organized only becomes more essential.

At Medicine Shoppe Crowfoot, our pharmacists know how complicated managing multiple medications can become. When you’re trying to get chronic pain under control, the last thing you should be worrying about is keeping your different medications straight.

When treating chronic pain or dealing with a recently diagnosed condition, reducing stress can be a huge factor in maintaining your body’s overall health. Losing track of which medications should be taken at certain times can be a large source of stress for many patients. That’s why we recommend converting to Accu-Pak Blister Packaging to keep track of required medications. 

A Free Services for Existing Customers

Fortunately, you can get access to this service at no charge if you are already a Medicine Shoppe customer. Your local Crowfoot pharmacist can prepare your Accu-Paks for you every month and you can even have them delivered right to your door free of charge.

If you’re not already a Medicine Shoppe customer, you might stop in and see what we’re about today. Becoming a regular customer comes with many benefits, and our pharmacists always take the time to make sure you receive the quality care you deserve.

Our pharmacists can additionally place your vitamins and other over-the-counter products in your Accu-Pak so that you get everything in one convenient monthly delivery. Give us a call at 1-403-455-9939 to set up delivery of your Accu-Pak today!

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