Pharmacogenetics Testing

Have you tried multiple medications for the same medical condition and are still struggling to find the right one? Have you experienced marked side effects from certain classes of medications and want to know which ones you should avoid? 

Say goodbye to trial and error; personalized medicine is here! 

Your DNA plays an important role in your response to medications. Traditional medication prescribing is usually based on clinical trials and what has typically worked best for each physician in the past. This “one-size-fits all” approach is based on averages, but in reality each person’s response to medications is as unique. 

Pharmacogenetic (PGx) testing is the combination of pharmacology (the study of drugs) and genetics (the study of individual, inherited traits). Pharmacogenetics identifies which gene variants an individual has inherited, and what that means in terms of which drugs and doses are likely to work best for them.

Pharmacogenomic testing involves a five minute cheek swab test that reveals how you are likely to respond to most commonly used medications based on your unique DNA. Your detailed, personalized report is ready in 7 days, and then automatically updated every 6 months with the newest medications and research! 

Prescribers can use this information to better understand which medications may work best for you. Talk to our pharmacists today to see if genomic testing is right for you. 

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