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Your Health, our priority. Meet the team at Medicine Shoppe Crowfoot that are putting your health care needs first.


Randy Howden, B.Sc.Pharm, APA, CDE

Owner, Pharmacist

Randy Howden is a respected pharmacist in Calgary and owner of the Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy #260 in Calgary, Alberta. He is a graduate of the Class of 2005 of the Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Alberta. Randy has always had an interest in Diabetes Care, and in 2007 he became a Certified Diabetes Educator. He decided to open his own practice in 2008 to allow him more time with his patients and to build a practice where he could promote health and diabetes education. Since then he has also gone on to receive his Injection Certification and his Additional Prescribing Authorization with the Alberta College of Pharmacists. He is also a certified Compression Stocking Fitter and has taken a Compounding Pharmacy course.


Jean, BSP


Jean joined the Medicine Shoppe Crowfoot team in March of 2015. She graduated from the University of Saskatchewan and obtained her Injection certification through the Alberta College of Pharmacists. Jean is also a certified compression stocking fitter. In her daily work, Jean values compassion, thoroughness, and diligence. By working as a pharmacist, Jean enjoys enabling others to improve patients lives through health and wellness. Outside of the pharmacy, Jean enjoys cooking, dancing, listening to music and practising Martial Arts. Jean’s favourite drug name is Java-caffeine because it is the world’s most accepted prescription.

Kasey, R.Ph.T

Registered Pharmacy Technician, Compounding Technician

Kasey started at the Medicine Shoppe Crowfoot in September 2010 as a Pharmacy Assistant. She graduated from SAIT with her Pharmacy Assistant Diploma and then upgraded at Bow Valley College to a Registered Pharmacy Technician. Kasey has also taken ‘The Science of Pharmaceutical Compounding’ course through the University of Florida, allowing her to create and prepare custom medications for patients. Kasey values patient care, empathy, and knowledge. She strives to continue growing in these areas and incorporating it into her daily work. When she’s not whipping up compounds, Kasey enjoys watching horror films and taking her dog Gates out to the park. Kasey’s favourite name for a medication is Zaditor.

Michael, R.Ph.T

Registered Pharmacy Technician, Compounding Technician

Michael joined our team in December 2016 after completing the Pharmacy Technician program through Robertson College. Michael has also completed his Comprehensive Compounding training through PCCA. Three things Michael values at work are honesty, integrity, respect and adding a 4th thing to every list. Michael says the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of his neighbours is fulfilling in ways he ever expected. He looks forward to continuing to develop creative ways to improve Pharmacy practice and the lives of our patients. Outside of work Michael enjoys lake sports, Netflix and taking naps! His favourite name for a medication is Diphenylcyclopropenone because it is ridiculously long!

 Joanna, R.Ph.T

Registered Pharmacy Technician

Joanna joined our team in December 2017 and has completed the Pharmacy Technician program through Robertson College. Three things Joanna values are integrity, compassion, and problem-solving. Joanna enjoys working with patients on a personal level, to find solutions for their health and medical needs. She also enjoys growing her knowledge base. Outside of work Joanna spends time with her husband and four boys, singing, and crocheting. Her favourite name for a medication is Ultibro because it’s ultimate, bro!


Registered Pharmacy Technician, Certified Compression Stocking Fitter

Janice joined our Crowfoot Medicine Shoppe team in February 2019. Originally from Spaniard’s Bay Newfoundland, she studied in St. John’s to be a Registered Pharmacy Technician, and recently completed her training to be a Certified Compression Stocking Fitter. Three things Janice values at work are giving great customer service, communication with coworkers, and having high morale. Janice loves coming to work every day and enjoys every aspect of her job in the dispensary. In the summertime, she is usually out camping, fishing, and hunting with her family. But come winter time, she’s off to the rink for hockey season. Her favourite name for a medication is Moxifloxacin!


Pharmacy Assistant

Raine joined our Crowfoot Medicine Shoppe team in July 2019, after completing the Pharmacy Assistant program from SAIT where she was taught by fellow coworker Kasey! Raine loves the problem-solving aspect of working in a pharmacy, where she can provide exceptional customer service to every patient. Everyone loves how organized Raine is in the dispensary and the kindness she shows to both patients and coworkers. Outside of work, Raine loves to read, play video games, and take care of her two cats, Willow and Lucy. Her favourite name for a medication is Desvenlafaxine because it is fun to say!


Pharmacy Assistant

Molly started working at our sister store the Sunridge Medicine Shoppe in July 2018 before she switched over to the Crowfoot team in April 2019. Molly completed the Pharmacy Assistant program from SAIT in 2019. She is currently working on her Anthropology degree from the University of Calgary and hope to go on to complete either a Master’s degree or attend Medical School. Three things Molly values in the workplace are collaboration, humor, and being able to be friends with staff and customers. Outside of work Molly loves to bake, read, and hangout with her dogs Lucy and Nala. Her favourite name for a medication is Dexilant because… Wayne’s World.


Ideal Protein Coach

Jen has been a part of our team since 2008! She trained to be an Ideal Protein Coach in 2012 when the program first launched at the pharmacy. Jen is also a graduate of the Ideal Protein Protocol, having successfully shed over 50 pounds on the protocol! She is committed to helping others reach their weight loss goals through the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Protocol because she knows it works! Outside of work Jen enjoys spending time with her two sons and husband as well as reading and travelling. Jen absolutely loves everything Disney- especially Aladdin!


Ideal Protein Coach

Brittany joined our team in May 2019 as one of our weight loss coaches. Brittany lost over 50 pounds and has kept all of her weight off for 10 years now by following a low fat keto diet! She loves the friendly atmosphere at the Crowfoot Medicine Shoppe between staff and clients. Three things Brittany values most are hard work, teamwork, and honesty. When she is not helping clients reach their weight loss goals, Brittany is sketching, spending time with friends and family, and working out. Brittany’s favourite Ideal Protein product is the Chocolate Soy Puffs!


Monica Elford, BBA

Marketing Coordinator

Monica started working at Medicine Shoppe Crowfoot in June 2011 after receiving her Pharmacy Assistant Certificate from SAIT. She worked as an assistant until receiving her Degree in Business Administration from Mount Royal University, with a focus in Marketing and General Management. Monica values honesty, teamwork, and creativity and integrates these values into her daily work. Outside of the pharmacy, Monica can usually be found spending time with family and friends, hiking, and travelling. Her favourite name for a medication is Domperidone because it sounds like Dom Perignon.

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