Custom Medication Compounding

crowfoot-compoundingSometimes your health requires medications that are as unique as your individual needs.

Taste concerns?
Difficulty swallowing capsules or tablets?
Allergic to preservatives or dyes?
Sensitive to standard drug strengths?
Interested in Bio-identical Hormones?

Our pharmacists and technicians work to create medications specifically made for you so we can assure you get exactly what you need. Our trained staff, compounding lab, equipment, and on-site resources allow us to prepare these compounded medicationssafely and efficiently.

But what is compounding? Compounding is the creation of a medication that is not otherwise commercially available. Not all medications are suitable or tolerated by every individual person. Custom compounding helps to overcome these obstacles. By working with you and your physician, our pharmacist can modify the strength of a medication, alter its form making it easier to ingest, or add flavor to make it more palatable- especially great for kids.

No matter what age you are, animal or human, young or old, our Calgary pharmacy can help meet your needs. Ask us today how Custom Meds can benefit you.


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