Plan to Alleviate Stress




Stress affects our health in a very negative way.

Problems include: increased blood sugars, increased blood pressure, insomnia, anxiety, and many other conditions.  There are many things you can do to alleviate stress.  Sometimes difficult decisions or changes in lifestyle, boundaries and other things can help alleviate stressful situations in life.  It is important that if you are experiencing large amounts of stress that you work with an expert in mental health.  A counselor, psychologist or other mental health expert should be consulted to help you with identifying areas that can be improved or changed to help you with stress relief.

Plan to alleviate stress

Do one thing in each of the following areas every day.  Remember these can be small simple things that are built into your day.

Work: Do something productive.  Check one thing off your to do list.

Fun: Do something that you used to think was fun, or have always wanted to do.

Health: Do something focused on health (i.e. exercise, healthy eating)

Relationship: Do something regarding any relationship that matters to you.

Self-care/Spirituality/creativity/mindfulness: Spend some time exploring one of these areas of your life (i.e. prayer, devotion, art, music, etc.)

Social Activity: Example: eating lunch with friends, going out for coffee

Good Deed/Kindness: Do something for another person

Keep a daily log/journal of what you are doing and look at it each week to see where you need to improve.  Challenge yourself to work up to doing each of these every day.

Let us know how you have been using this and how it has been working for you, we love to hear from you and your success is extremely important to us!

Written by Randy Howden. Visit me on

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