Introducing Chorus!


Here at the Medicine Shoppe, we’re pretty thrilled to tell you about a new, fully Canadian product line that we are just beginning to carry. Created with “supernatural” ingredients out of BC, Chorus specializes in 100% natural skin care, body care, and general wellness products. With so much to love, it’s hard to list all of our reasons for being excited to provide this product, but here are our top two.

Free from Synthetic Chemicals.

All of Chorus’s products are made from naturally derived ingredients, so you never have to double-check the bottle to make sure your product is safe from the many synthetic chemicals that cause rashes or other reactions. It is Chorus’s mission to provide safe and effective products for everybody including children, and we at Medicine Shoppe think they achieve that goal splendidly. You simply won’t find harsh chemicals like parabens, sulfates, or artificial fragrance in any Chorus products. Instead their care products carry an ingredient list stuffed full of the botanical world. Lavender oil, cinnamon, green tea, even kiwi! Shampoos, lotions, sun creams, and every other product they create is safe for your skin.

The Super Ingredients.

So maybe you’re wondering what secret, mysterious ingredients Chorus is using instead of the same old harsh, synthetic chemicals that so many other brands rely on. Lucky for you, it isn’t a secret! At the foundation of every Chorus product there are four uniquely Canadian ingredients.

  • Chorus Moor. This homogenous mixture from Northern British Columbia is created from a blend of over 100 different species of flora. Similar to the peat moss in our gardens or that dwells in bogs or underground slowly turning into coal, Chorus Moor is comprised from the remains of decomposed grasses, flowers, and other plants – some of which are extremely rare.  It is also renowned for its therapeutic properties!

  • Chorus Clay. Rich in minerals, rare earth metals, and semi-precious stones like quartz, this clay is only found in isolated caves off of Vancouver Island.

  • Chorus Lithia. Chorus Lithia refers to water from a specific hot spring high in the rocky mountains. This hot spring has trace amounts of lithium-oxide, or lithia – hence the name! Lithium is the third element on the periodic table and oxygen the sixteenth. Lithium has been researched and found to help with neurogenesis, or the creation of new brain matter.

  • Chorus Seaweed. This ingredient is a type of giant kelp that is certified organic and sustainably harvested from the northern waters of Vancouver Island. Giant kelp can grow up to 2 feet a day! The Chorus seaweed is harvested by a First Nations band entirely by hand. Kelp contains over 70 micronutrients, and it’s rich in potassium and iodine. It’s perfect for fighting the signs of aging and keeping your skin healthy and happy.

We hope this blog helps to explain why we’re so proud to be adding Chorus products to the Medicine Shoppe’s line of skin care. Keep checking out our blog for even more information on Chorus or contact us anytime by phone or email.


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