Three Ways Chorus Products can Help You this Summer

Introducing Chorus!

In our last blog, we discussed a new line of products that were coming to our shop and why we were so excited to be providing them. However, with a new line of wellness creams and lotions as good as Chorus’s, we couldn’t leave it at just one article! So for our final (maybe) chorus blog, we’re going to discuss how these products can work for you this summer.

Sun Care. You should be fully covered with Chorus this summer thanks to their summer care products. This all natural line includes both their “protect” and “caress” products. Protect is chorus’s sunscreen product. It uses zinc-oxide to reflect UV away and forms a transparent barrier between you and harmful light. As with all sunscreens, remember to reapply as often as necessary. Caress is an after sun gel. It’s a moisturizing lotion for your entire body! Even with sunscreen, it’s easy for skin to get dehydrated in this weather. Caress is stuffed with natural oils and extracts like aloe and chamomile to help sooth your skin and revitalize it after exposure.

An Aluminum Free Clean. Kids and adults alike love summer. With the nasty, blizzardy days thankfully forgotten for a few more months we all tend to spend some extra time outside. Many of us work in gardens or just the yard in general. Kids climb trees and run around the park. When it’s dinner time or after going to the washroom, it’s great to have gentle foaming hand soaps. They easily remove dirt without irritating the skin. We think it’s great that chorus gives people everywhere the confidence to switch to an all-natural line for the products they use every day.

Relax!  After a long day of running around and work, there is nothing better than a hot bath. A little chorus moor bath essence turns a relaxing bath into a therapeutic experience. It’s full of herbs, minerals, and phytonutrients for a submersive and soothing reality. Wash away your cares and maybe even turn off your phone for an hour or two!

There are so many great products from chorus that it’s really difficult to talk about them all. We’re loving their facial masks and moisturizers, but they also have an excellent toner and eye cream. And then there’s their shampoos and conditions and…. well I’m sure you see our point. We hope our customers can get as excited about chorus as we are, and we encourage everyone to stop by the Medicine Shoppe this summer and give this new line a try!

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