Take the Guesswork out of Taking Medications with Blister Packaging



Do you know someone who is on several medications or has trouble remembering what medicines they should be taking and when? Do they have trouble opening medicine bottles?

Taking medications incorrectly or forgetting to take them is a major healthcare issue. Incorrect dosage is not only dangerous – it can reduce the effectiveness of medication, prolong treatment, and make it more difficult for you and your healthcare providers to manage your health.

While there are still a lot of people out there who struggle with multiple pill bottles in their medicine cabinet or purse, there’s an easy way to take the guesswork and confusion out of taking medicine correctly.

Blister packs or dosettes are convenient, easy to understand and use packages that are prepared for you by your pharmacist.  They dispense and compartmentalize pills and capsules for each day of the week, and specific times of the day. So, if you have certain pills that you need to take with breakfast every day, there’s a compartment just for them.

Blister packs are designed to make it easy for people to select the right pills and they make it obvious when a dose is missed or taken at the wrong time. Even if your memory isn’t what it used to be, they also make it very difficult to take a double dose of a medication.  For many older people, blister packs are much easier to open than traditional medicine bottles. As an added benefit, studies show that patients who get their medications in blister packs are more likely to see their regimen through and to get their prescriptions refilled.

In an emergency, blister packs make it easier for ambulance and medical staff to tell at a glance what medications you are taking.

Not only do blister packs make it much easier for people to take the correct medicine at the right time, they’re proven to be safer for children. Caps can easily be left off of medicine bottles and child resistant features can wear out. Blister packs keep pills safely sealed away until they are ready to be used.

Most pharmacists will put your medications in blister packs upon request. Medicine Shoppe Crowfoot is happy to prepare new blister packs for you every month and deliver them to you free of charge.

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    Take the Guesswork out of Taking Medications with Blister Packaging – Crowfoot Medicine Shoppe

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