Tips for Staying Healthy When you Travel

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It goes without saying that you should get all of the necessary vaccinations before you go on a trip to many regions of the world.

However, having up to date vaccinations doesn’t mean that you can eat and drink with wild abandon without fear of getting sick.

There are lots of bacterial infections that vaccinations won’t protect you from. Fortunately, a few simple precautions can save you from Montezuma’s Revenge (and other pesky infections), and having to run to the bathroom every five minutes for much of your vacation.

There’s an expression that nicely sums up how you should approach food when travelling abroad – “boil it, cook it, peel it, or forget it.” In other words, only drink water that’s been boiled or disinfected. Remember that ice cubes could be made from the very water that you are being careful not to drink. Make sure that any ice cubes in your drinks are made from purified water. That’s easier to do in a resort than if you buy drinks from a fruit juice vendor on the street. Coffee, tea, wine, beer and bottled drinks such as pop and packaged juices are usually safe to drink.

Avoid raw seafood and any food that looks like it’s undercooked. You can eat fruit and vegetables as long as they have a peel or skin and you peel them yourself. If you can’t resist some of the local culinary delights from a street vendor, make sure that you watch them cooking it and that it’s fully cooked. A lot of people get sick from eating ice cream while they’re travelling. If you aren’t sure that it’s from a safe source, don’t eat it.

Of course, wash or disinfect your hands often so that you don’t accidentally contaminate your food with bacteria. 

If you’re planning a trip this year, Medicine Shoppe Crowfoot can provide you with water purification products and advice on the vaccinations that will help to keep you healthy at your destination and when you return home.

Written by Randy Howden. Visit me on

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