Setting Resolutions and Goals for Your Health From Calgary Pharmacists

Do you have goals for the upcoming year? Even a small goal requires a plan of action to be successful. Most goals are never achieved due to lack of articulation and planning. A plan should include setting the goal, making a plan of action and setting a measuring stick so you know if you succeeded. Basically this process is making a map for success. It is important to go through this process and write it out. Having someone help you with the process can also be helpful.

Remember our Calgary pharmacists are here to help you with your health goals. We encourage you to ask us for help with setting your health goals and monitoring your progress. Please call Medicine Shoppe Crowfoot or email our Calgary pharmacists to book a one-on-one appointment.


  • Specific – Make sure you have a set target. Answer the questions: Who, What, When, Where, Why and How?
  • Measurable – Set concrete criteria for success.
  • Attainable – Make sure the goal isn’t too daunting. Identify barriers and find ways around them.
  • Realistic – Start with small steps. Don’t set goals that aren’t feasible or too large.
  • Timely – A goal should have a time frame. No time frame equals no urgency.

Tips for making your plan are:

  • Try to break down the larger goal into smaller pieces or ‘mini goals’. Large goals can be daunting.
  • Ask for help. Recruit a friend, family member or a Health Professional that can help you make your plan and stay on course.
  • Write your goal down. This will give you something to look back on and remind yourself what you set out to do.
  • Start a journal. This will allow you to follow your progress and look for trends of successes or failures. Your journey may not be a straight line and you can learn from both successes and failures.
  • Reward yourself. If you meet your goals, treat yourself to a vacation, time at the spa, a movie or something else you enjoy.

You will be more likely to achieve things if you take the time to properly plan and have a road-map of where you want to go. Without a map you may not get to your destination.

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