Remember Health when making Summery Treats and Eats

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Summer is the time for fresh produce: Watermelon, Taber corn, BC strawberries, and cherries. Farmers’ markets are full of fresh string beans and snow peas. However, with the hot weather it’s tempting to barbeque often and pump your diet full of steak, potatoes, and corn. A cold beer or cola may join dinner. When indulging in cold drinks or pop it’s easy to forget that caffeine, sugary beverages, and alcohol are actually dehydrating. And with the slurpee runs, ice cream, Freezies, Kool-Aid stands, and hamburgers with chips on the deck, salt, fat, and sugar consumption often increases in the summer months.

Keeping this in mind, it’s important to remember to make healthy decisions this summer. Try to drink plenty of water. Dehydration can lead to sunstroke, heat exhaustion, and a whole bundle of things that are even less fun. Push dinner back a little when having barbecue. Around the time you would usually eat, put out salad or veggies and dip. By having a green appetiser out when the family gets hungry, everyone is more likely to eat some. Instead of buying Freezies or ice cream, purée fruits and freeze them in cute molds for a fresh, healthier snack.

One of our favourite homemade fruit freezes is made from strawberries, kiwis, and mangos. Heat one cup of water and stir in one cup of sugar until all of the sugar is dissolved. (You can probably get away with doing a half-cup of each, but doing the full cup gives you wiggle room for a larger recipe or sweeter treats.) After the sugar is dissolved, cool the syrup completely.

In your blender/food processor/other food crusher, purée around 250 grams of strawberries. Make sure you remove the stems and any other bits you don’t want! When it’s more or less smooth, add a couple tablespoons of the cooled syrup. We usually just add the syrup right into the blender to make sure everything gets mixed in really well. Pour the strawberry purée into your molds so that they are about one third filled. Freeze the molds for two hours. Repeat with 300 grams of mango (purée, add two tablespoons of syrup, blend a little longer, fill the molds another third, freeze two hours) and again for 4 or 5 large chopped and peeled kiwis.

Before you add the kiwi purée to top up the mold, push a popsicle stick into the mango layer then add the kiwi around it. Freeze the whole batch of treats for another two hours. When it’s time for a treat, dip the mold in lukewarm water. Through the mold, the popsicle will melt a tiny bit and you should be able to easily pull it free by the stick.

Worried about your weight or general health? Stop by the Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy in Crowfoot today and get the advice you need to live better for tomorrow.

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