Incorporate Activity Into Your Day with a Pedometer

How do you incorporate activity in your day?

Many people have a really hard time fitting activity or exercise into their day. We can go to the gym, swimming, biking or any of the myriad of activities out there. I think that many people forget (myself included) that we can do simple things each day to improve our health and manage our weight. We don’t need to hit the gym for 1 hour to make a difference. I am sure you’ve heard this before. Simple things such as parking your car further away from the store or taking the stairs can add up. There is a way to measure these changes in your lifestyle and set small goals to increase your activity.

The simplest way to incorporate activity into your day is to use a pedometer.

Pedometers are underutilized little tools that can be worn each day to count our steps and they can help make a huge difference in your waistline and for people with diabetes, your blood sugar as well. Researchers found that doing 10,000 steps per day is equal to burning about 500 calories and walking approximately 8km (or 5 miles). This varies of course, depending on the size of you frame and your height. For example, overweight people burn more calories than thinner people. Pedometers can be used by anybody. Even if you have poor mobility or exercise tolerance, you can set small goals and slowly increase your activity.

It is easy to get started using a pedometer and you may be surprised how much (or little) activity you may get each day. Follow these simple steps to start using one today:

1. Wear your pedometer everyday for 1 week and record your steps in a journal.

2. At the end of the week find the average steps you do per day and set a goal to beat that. Keep track in your journal.

3. Slowly increase the number of steps you do per week, by 5-10%. There are many ways to do this, go for a walk, use the stairs, join a structured activity and many more!

4. Aim for 10,000 steps or more!

Using a pedometer can be a competition as well. You can challenge family members or co-workers to see who can do the most in a period of time. You will find that over time you are able to fit more activity in and you will feel better.

Please contact us if you have any questions about pedometer use or how to obtain one.

Written by Randy Howden. Visit me on

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